Swing bridge in China has become a popular game that makes everyone laugh (video)

Foreigner: Of course, after the daily work with so many complex problems we have encountered, it really makes us all feel so stressed and complicated in our minds that we can never go out or do anything. Excitement to clear our brain, we should also find good things that help us feel happy, happy, heart to do to relieve stress and fatigue.

However, watching new videos is also a good and effective method that can help us feel refreshed, happy and can reduce the feeling of boredom. So below is an interesting video that can guarantee that it will help you to watch with pleasure, laughter to the stomach because it is funny and has a special attraction. So do not hesitate to waste time, let's visit together.

Video of the game on the bridge, swinging, swinging until you can't hold back !!!

This game is played for fun in China and now is too famous on social.

For this game look like happy too much

Wow!! All of them very happy

No Problem cos it is a game. We play for fun.

The best player in this game. He's skillful in this game. Good job MAN.

Play like is the best in life. Cos our life not too long, if have a chance please play this game.

OH!!! Grandfather, you are the best player on this.

អត្ថបទដោយ៖ សេដឡាហ្វ