People Are Laughing At These Cups By McDonald’s Japan Because They Become Inappropriate After Rotating Them

In an attempt to reach the younger target market — those who are currently enjoying their summer break — McDonald’s Japan released its line of McFizz soft drinks. The line includes Lemon Ginger, Blue Hawaii, and Blood Orange flavors. To top it all off, McDonald’s is pouring these fruity beverages into transparent cups with cute illustrations of a boy and girl falling in love. Just drink the soda and the clear cup reveals another person on the opposite side. So sweet. So pure. So innocent.

Well, almost. Soon, a couple of creative minds started uploading pictures of the two characters in quite a few inappropriate positions. All they had to do is change the angle, and things got rather suggestive.

Celebrating summer, McDonald’s Japan has just introduced its line of McFizz soft drinks

McDonald’s added extra flavor to these sodas by pouring them into transparent cups with cute illustrations of a boy and girl falling in love

Soon after, however, Japanese Twitter had been bombarded with pictures of the two characters in rather inappropriate positions

Turns out, if you look at the illustrations from a slightly different angle, things get rather suggestive

SoraNews24 reports that McDonald’s Japan has yet to stop the decorative cup promotion, so for the time being you can still get them.

They are still on sale. Looking in another angle The current of this glass makes people know more about McDonald's drinks. Until wanting a pair of glasses to take possession of one

There are not many netizens in Japan. Looking for this glass, just want to spin it What can it bring to a new perspective?

Some people use two glasses to stack together, creating new images again.

Or this is an ingenious marketing plan of the designer Who accidentally hides these features?

For anyone who has the opportunity to travel to Japan in this period May try to stop by McDonald's to buy this sweet lover's mug.