Optical illusion: There is a multi-digit number hidden in the image. Can you see it?

Optical illusions often go viral online thanks to their mind-boggling designs that leave your head spinning or in this case, moving up and down. 

Most times, it’s all about getting your eyes and brain to work together. It’s only when you get serious about it, that you can find out those little details that will lead you to the solution.

Like with the optical illusion below, for example, that I brought to test you today. I recently shared it with four of my colleagues, but only one got it correctly right away. In other words, it’s difficult.

I had to sit down and concentrate; it took a while before I found the answer. It should be said, however, that this isn’t about either intelligence or vision ability. Sure, it’s clearer if you have reduced vision, but otherwise, it should be balanced.

Try to find the number hidden in this black-and-white image!

Will you succeed?

If you can’t see it, we can reveal is a double-digit, then you can try to look again from a little further away.

Look from different directions

Then it becomes much easier.

Otherwise, it may also help to check from different directions.

Is it easier now?

Here is the answer!

We hope you are ready!

The hidden number in the picture is 17!

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Credit: The Laugh Bible