6 Street Finds That Prove Creative People Can Turn Anything Into Art!!!

It often happens that we get used to the place where we live and the landscape around us ends up becoming monotonous: we always see the same people, the same buildings, and the same cafés and restaurants. However, from time to time new things appear that immediately capture our attention.

Or we see things with new eyes that have been there for a long time, but we feel like we are looking at them for the first time. Either way, you can probably find thousands of strange new things in your neighborhood alone. Our compilation is proof of that!

1. “My town’s library is under construction, so they’re using an old grocery store as a temporary library.”


2. “Swing made from a carbon fiber hydrofoil that was no longer needed.”


3. “The security hut at the Igloo factory is an Igloo cooler.”


4. “My local department store colorizes its shopping baskets based on whether you need assistance or not.”


5. The Visitor in downtown Vancouver, Washington


6. “This personalized truck for dogs”