Pick a gem, it will tell you “what kind of friend” is not good for you

Not all friends are good friends for you, because some of them do not want you to be better than them, sometimes they are jealous and hate behind their backs. So, choose a crystal that you love and see all the answers that kind of friend is not suitable for you!


1. Card A

You are a vulnerable person, so it will be difficult for you to be patient and accept betrayal from friends. Therefore, you need to avoid making friends with fake people. He may look sweet and happy in front of you with a smile, a compliment from you. But behind your back, they will spread bad rumors and slander. Therefore, you should avoid this kind of friend if you do not want your secrets to be revealed to outsiders.


2. Card B

You like to be the center of everyone's attention because it is a way to protect yourself from fear or anxiety. Therefore, you should avoid the kind of friends who are too easy or too harmonious with you. No matter what you say, they will go with you, especially since they will never say "no" to you. And their sweet words will make you trust them, and then they will turn around and hurt you. Therefore, you should be determined to stay away from this type of friend.


3. Card C

You know your potential and limitations, so you will not befriend people who gossip and discriminate against people of color. They are usually quick-witted people who like to talk loudly, to show off, but can never do it. This type of person is incompetent and easily makes you have high hopes and trust in them and then always disappoints you.


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