Hug, but do not tighten! As long as it does not stick! Couples also need to know how to keep a distance and give each other freedom

If you really love your partner, you must understand the meaning of the word love. Jealousy is not love, but it is our distrust and stupidity that allows jealousy to happen to a partner.

It is not uncommon for people to embrace the people they love and care for, it is common for people to love one another. But sometimes we allow these feelings to overwhelm us, causing them to become mistrustful. When we try to hug them too much, it will make our partner feel wrong about the relationship, it makes them feel like we are trying to embrace them, wants to connect them tightly, and deprived them of their freedom.


Do not try to hug too much, do not follow too closely, each of us all needs and wants personal freedom, sometimes also want to keep some distance from each other, because we have our own work to do, have things to think, have a place Want to go, especially some personal time for yourself. Do not hug too much, leading to difficulty breathing, and do not follow too closely, leading to no air in and out.

No one wants to be in a relationship that tends to be herdsmen all the time, like the owner of a herd of cattle. Not at all. Love each other very much, not sticking to each other, but knowing and trusting each other, knowing how to give each other freedom and personal time is called a meaningful love relationship.



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